Health Care Worker Instructions

Orientation to Emergency Department Virtual Tools

using your device to video Call & Text Patients

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Isolation Room Body Camera Instructions

Pilot Project Enrolment & Consent

Authorizing patients to distance from the waiting area

Virtual Family Visits & Vigils  

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VIrtual discharges

Send Pre-Written MessageS

  • Press “Signal”
  • Press “Patient Messages”
  • Scroll until you find the message you want
  • Press and hold the message
  • Press the forward button at the top right of the screen
  • Press patient’s name
    • If the patient’s name does not appear:
      • Press and hold the magnifying glass at the top right of the screen for a moment, then let it go
      • Type the patient’s number
      • Press “New message To”
      • You might see “Enable Signal for SMS” for a moment, but as soon as Signal finds the patient,  the screen will change to the conversation window. If it does not, go back and check you entered the number correctly.
  • Press Blue Send Arrow (right side screen)

Make a Video Call

  • Press patient’s name
    • If the patient’s name does not appear, first send them the “Video Call Request” prewritten message. After they accept and reply, you will be able to call.
  • Press video icon
  • Press “Start Call”